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Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner

Between children, pets, you and guests to your home, carpet stains are bound to happen at some point. Even when great care is exerted accidents are bound to occur, so when they do, it's best to reach for Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner.

Resolve Triple Action Carpet Cleaner's main purpose is the removal of small stains of any kind and on most types of carpets. The product penetrates deep into the carpet, breaks the stain down and lifts it out of the carpet. It is suited for many types of stains, including food and beverage stains like juice and wine, oil, ink, dirt, pet stains and more.

It's best to remove the stain as soon as possible, before it has dried and soaked into the fabric. Effectiveness is the most important thing for any carpet cleaner, and Resolve carpet cleaner is most effective if you fight the stains as soon as possible. The stain becomes harder to remove as the time passes. In case of an older and dried up stain, the best approach is to try treating it several times. Some very tough stains will unfortunately be beyond the cleaning capabilities of this and many other carpet cleaners on the market.

The best way to use the Resolve carpet cleaner is to spray it on the stain and then use a soft brush, cloth or a sponge to work it in the stain, and help break it up. Before you rub it in, wait about five minutes to let the carpet cleaner soak in and break the stain up. You can even use it the same way on upholstery and even on your clothes on hard to remove stains before washing.

Pros: Fast application, pleasant smell, can clean many of the common stains

Cons: Cannot remove very old stains

For successful removal of many common stains from carpets and upholstery, Resolve Triple Action Carpet Stain Remover is a very good product for a relatively low price. Maybe it won't work on every stain and every time, but it really is an affordable alternative to hiring professional carpet cleaning service.

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