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Resolve Steam Concentrate Carpet Cleaner

When you need to remove stubborn, old and hard to remove stains, sometimes regular quick manual cleaning won't suffice, and the best solution is to use a steam carpet cleaner. It's the only cleaning method classified as deep cleaning and is therefore the most effective one. You can use the steam carpet cleaner with regular water, but much better results can be obtained with the addition of a detergent solution for steam cleaners. I recommend Resolve Steam Concentrate Carpet cleaner.

The Resolve Steam Concentrate is formulated to produce the following results:

  • Deodorize the carpet and give it a refreshing clean scent.
  • Protect the carpet from soil and dirt, so it remains clean for longer periods of time. The carpet stays soft and plush.
  • Highly concentrated formula - only 5oz of Resolve Steam Carpet Cleaner per gallon of water.
  • Low foaming action to prevent the forming of sticky residue and to make carpet cleaning easier.

Its usage is recommended and should work best on following stains: bacon, beef gravy, Cola, coffee, food grease, ground in dirt, grape juice, motor oil, ink, salad dressing, red vine, tomato sauce.

It is available in 48 oz 1x concentrate and 60 oz 2x concentrate.

How to Use it

Before applying any carpet cleaner or carpet cleaning method, it's best to thoroughly vacuum the carpet to remove any loose dirt. Shake the concentrate bottle well before using. Add 5 oz of Resolve steam 1x Concentrate fluid per one gallon of hot tap water. If you're using Resolve 2x Concentrate, add 2.5 oz to one gallon of water. Most leading carpet steam cleaning machines have a water tank that can hold one gallon of water. Following the machine's instructions deep clean your carpet and upholstery. Carpet should be left to dry well before using the area.

Additional Tips

Resolve steam concentrate is safe to use on nylon and stain-resistant carpet. Nevertheless, it's best to test it first on a concealed area before usage. This product was tested for machine safety in current leading steam carpet cleaners including full size upright and canister and hand-held machine models.

Where to Buy

Maybe you can get it at your local store, but usually online stores offer better prices, even with shipping, and you can buy items in bulk to reduce the shipping costs. It can be bought online from, Walmart, ShopRite, etc. At the time of writing, has the best price for this steam cleaner concentrate.

Best Carpet Steam Cleaner Machine

The Resolve Steam Concentrate Carpet cleaner can be used in most steam cleaning machines that are available today, so the only recommendations on the exact machine to be used can come from the users themselves. If you don't already own one, browse the bestselling machines here and select the one that best fits your needs. Happy shopping!

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