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Resolve Pet Stain: Carpet Cleaner With ODOR STOP Technology

You may think that Resolve Pet Stain Carpet cleaner is just another Resolve product in a different container, but consumer tests have proved that it is more powerful than regular Resolve cleaners on certain types of stains. What stain types is this carpet cleaner meant to treat anyway?

Resolve Pet Stain carpet cleaner has a special formula that's aimed at solving hard to remove pet stains and odor trouble on your carpet. The secret to the formula is its focus on natural substances found in organic stains such as urine, vomit, feces, blood and pet tracks. That's why it is also efficient at removing wine, juice and greasy food stains. All of those can be dissolved with this formula.

The other part of the name, ODOR STOP® Technology, has multiple benefits. First, it removes all pet odors from the stain. It has a light scent that will freshen up the area and not feel like a chemical. And second, the scent is formulated in such a way to keep pets from resoiling again the same spot.

Using Resolve Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner is easy. Stains need to be treated as soon as possible while they're still wet. Removal will be most effective during that period. Remove the entire solid residue from the stain. Then spray the stained area with Resolve Pet Stain spray, and let it work for 3-4 minutes. Blot or gently rub the area with a damp cloth or sponge. Rinse it and repeat until the stain is removed. All the excess moisture in the carpet can be removed with another dry cloth

Before you start cleaning, you should check the Resolve carpet cleaner on a small piece of fabric that is not in view. This should always be done when trying out a new cleaning product. Do not mix it with bleach or other cleaning products. Some very tough stains can cause permanent discoloration of fabric especially if they are not treated right away.

The Resolve Pet Stain Carpet Cleaner comes in a 22 oz spray bottle that is made out of 25% recycled plastic. Children and pets need to be kept away from sprayed area until it is dry. You can buy this great carpet cleaner here.

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