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Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner

If you're really tired of using that big and clumsy steam cleaner for carpet cleaning, maybe you should try the Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner Foam for those high traffic areas and walkways. It will definitely save you time and money while sparing you from hiring a professional carpet cleaning service. The new cleaning formula can now clean and protect upholstery, too.

The product is supposed to take away that worn out look and smell of a high traffic carpet area in your house. The Resolve High Traffic Foam is quite easy to use. Simply shake the can well and spray on the affected area off your carpet. Now, there are to ways to continue. You can either let the foam dissolve the dirt and vacuum it up after it has dried, or you can rub the foam in the carpet by using a damp mob, or better yet a cleaning brush to really get all the stains off the carpet. The first way is good for just refreshing the smell of the carpet and removing the odors, it is not able to completely remove built up and dried dirt. The carpet will be a little cleaner, but the appearance will stay pretty much the same. The second method of actually manually working the foam in the carpet is much better and gives better results. It might take longer and seem like a workout, but the end result is a much cleaner carpet. All you need to do is rub the carpet in two directions, that way the foam will enter the carpet. After it dries, simply vacuum the dried foam and dirt it has loosened. You will leave with a nice smelling and soft carpet that looks almost like new.

The Resolve carpet cleaner is also safe to use on upholstery, it safe to use on wool and nylon, but not recommended for use on silk, velvet, leather, vinyl and other sensitive fabric. The Resolve High Traffic Foam will not harm wood furniture. If it gets on the wood, simply wipe it off. Most users have commended the way carpet doesn't stay wet and damp after the treatment. The carpet cleaner not only cleans stains, it actually repels future stains. If you have small children or pets, you know that is a big bonus.

For a really dirty and stained carpet where the foam does little good, you should try Resolve High Traffic Granules. The container comes with a cleaning brush attached to the side. The way you use it is simply sprinkle the damp granules on the small area and rub it in with the supplied brush. You need to do this before the granules dry up. That area should be avoided while the granules dry and then vacuumed up. For best results you should use an empty vacuum bag. Try to avoid using a water tank vacuum on the granules. After you apply the product and some brush action afterwards, you will see the stains dissolving and disappearing. This product is best used on relatively dry stains.

All in all, both of these are pretty good products for carpet cleaning. The advertisements are always a bit exaggerated, but the product has some good qualities that make it a must have for carpet cleaning. Resolve High Traffic Carpet Cleaner saves time and energy, so it's worth having in your house.

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