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Resolve Easy Clean - Carpet Brush

The latest Resolve product - Resolve Easy Clean is not just another cleaning chemical. It's a complete cleaning system that's basically an upright carpet brush with long handle that also has a Resolve carpet cleaner dispensing system.

If you're tired of getting on your knees and scrubbing your carpets, this may be the best solution. The brush has a convenient dispensing trigger on the handle to release the cleaning foam. The foam comes from a can of Resolve High Traffic Foam, but is also compatible with Pet High Traffic Foam. The container can be bought as a separate product so it can be easily replaced when depleted. It has been tested and works great on following stains: coffee, Cola, gravy, grease, grape juice, makeup, wine. But that’s only the beginning. It can also remove many other similar stains not listed here. The brush works the foam into the carpet and is also great at removing pet hairs from carpets.

Assembling it

Parts are easily assembled by clicking the pieces together. To do this, press the red button that will pop up into place when pieces are firmly connected. The pieces are: four stick segments, trigger handle, and brush-head.

Remove the cap from Resolve High Traffic Foam can. Shake the can vigorously before each use. If the can is already in the gadget, remove it and shake. Insert the can into the cleaning assembly and rotate clockwise until it clicks into position.

How to use it

It's very easy to use Resolve Easy Clean. You first need to loosen the ground-in dirt, stains and odors from the carpet. To do this, position it over the stain and pull the trigger. That will dispense an amount of foam deep into the carpet. Of course, before using it, you'll have to remove the protective cap from Resolve High Traffic Foam can.

After dispensing the foam, use the brush to work the foam into the carpet. That will help to lift the dirt and odor to the surface. After you have treated the surface with Resolve Easy Clean, simply vacuum the dried foam along with the dirt.

When you are finished using it, you need to remove the can. Do this by turning it counter-clockwise to unlock it and then gently pull upwards. Replace the protective cap to can. Cleaning the device can be done by simply rinsing the bristles and brush head, and letting it to dry.

Usage Hints:

  • This product is safe to use on most wool, nylon and stain-resistant carpet.
  • Contents will clean a carpeted area of 168 square feet (12’ x 14’).
  • Use vacuum cleaner with a fresh, empty bag.
  • If accidentally sprayed on wood furniture, just wipe off.
  • Not recommended for velvet, silk, vinyl or leather.
  • Brush is not for use on Upholstery.

Where to buy

Maybe you will be able to find it in one of the local supermarkets, but the best price for Resolve Easy Clean can be found online. Amazon has the best price at the moment, so Click Here to check the price.

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