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Resolve Dual Power Spot Carpet Cleaner

There's always room for trying out new and improved cleaners on your carpet. The new Resolve Dual Power Spot Carpet Cleaner is based on a combination of already proven and recognized Resolve carpet cleaner, and the newer Oxi Clean stain remover. The idea to combine these two products and their cleaning powers is really great, but the new cleaner will have to prove its worthiness. The stains that it fights are the usual enemies: wine, grease, ink, cola, grape juice. It's not marketed for removal of pet made stains, but it can be used on those to some degree.

The cleaner comes in a 22 oz. container with the two cleaning agents in separate side-by-side chambers. The point is to apply equal amounts of cleaning agents onto the stain and let it work into it. To use Resolve Dual Power, you need to squeeze the safety tabs on both sides of the cap and then turn it to reveal the nozzle. Then you need to hold the container 4-6 inches from the stain and apply the fluids. As the fluids combine, they bubble and fizz. Then you need to let it sit for about 5 minutes, and let the carpet cleaner work its way into the stain. After that you can either rub or blot the stain with a soft cloth or a sponge. Blotting the stain usually works faster and better then rubbing it. The best way to treat the stains is as soon as it happens; the longer you wait the harder it becomes to remove the stain.

Users of the Resolve Dual Power Carpet Cleaner have found that it is very good at removing grease stains, and it can even remove some of the pet urine and vomit stains. Some of the complaints may be on the uneven dispensing of the cleaning fluids. The bottle is very ergonomically designed and easy to use, but obviously the dispensing system could have been designed a bit more fool-proof. The container is made partially of clear plastic, so you can see the liquid level and not run out in critical moment. One of the drawbacks of this Resolve carpet cleaner is the chemical odor that is present during the cleaning process. Most other Resolve carpet cleaners leave a fresh, pleasant smell.

When all is combined, Resolve Dual Power Spot Carpet Cleaner can be recommended, but with reservations. It can clean most of the stains efficiently, but soaks the carpet too much during cleaning and has an unpleasant chemical smell. If those things bother you, maybe you should try just the regular Resolve Carpet Cleaner spray.

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