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Resolve Deep Clean Powder

The Resolve Deep Clean Powder is there to clean out the toughest of the stains, where stain carpet cleaners are usually not helpful. If you have those hard to remove stains on your carpet left by your pet, children or even of unknown origin, this Resolve cleaner is your best bet in removing them.

One 18 ounce Resolve Deep Clean Powder container should be enough for a 8x10 feet area. Before applying the powder, you should vacuum the carpet. Then, shake the container vigorously to brake up the powder. After that sprinkle some of the powder on a stained area, not more than 2x8 feet at one time, to ensure the powder stays damp. Next it's time to slowly brush the powder with a soft bristled brush and work it into the carpet. Brush it slowly because the powder will fly everywhere if you do it fast. Go in all directions, left, right, up and down, and even in circles. Continue adding and brushing the powder on the affected areas

After you have brushed the carpet, leave it for a while, 20 or more minutes, until the powder has dried. Then, using a bagged vacuum, pull all the powder from the carpet. The instructions say to put a new bag in, but if the old one is not completely full, you should use it, because the powder will pick up the unpleasant odors of the stains, and you don't want it in your house. Vacuuming the powder from the carpet could take more action than what's needed for regular rug vacuuming.

When the vacuuming is done, you will notice the carpet has regained its old looks and colors, a pleasant smell, and soft fibers. For those smelly pet stains and though unknown stains, this Resolve Deep Clean Powder is definitely a thing to have around your house.

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