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Carpet Repair

One of the worries that all carpet owners come across in their lifetime is carpet repair. We've all been there. Although the carpets are for the most part very durable, the amount of traffic and vacuuming that it encounters over time is due to cause some sort of damage. Most common types of carpet damage that usually occur in households are stains, burns, rips, dents and even color fading.

Carpet repair can be a tedious process, as you have to be very careful to not make any further damage to your carpet. Each of the mentioned types of damage must be treated differently. With the right tools almost any damage can be fixed. If you do not feel comfortable while trying to repair your carpet, maybe it is best that you call professional carpet repair service and let them do the work.

If you've decided that you want to give it a try, here are some tips in carpet repair.

Remove a Carpet Stain

Staining is one of the most common types of carpet damage. Stains can be from accidental spills of food, liquid, ink or other material, and can also be caused by pets. The most important thing when it comes to stain removal is acting quickly, before it dries. First, remove as much of the excess soil by blotting the stain. Blotting is better than scrubbing as it won't push the liquid deeper into the carpet. To blot the stain, use paper towels or kitchen towels. Now, apply your favorite carpet cleaning product. Many users have found that Resolve Carpet Cleaner does a very good job on carpet repair from most of the stains. Read the instructions on using the product carefully, and make sure that it won't damage your carpet, especially if it's made of natural fibers.

Pet stains can also be removed with this technique, but they may require further cleaning to remove the odor. Some stains can be hard to remove, so you'll have to repeat this process several times to repair your carpet. There are a few types of stains that are permanent and cannot be removed.

Carpet Burn Repair

Not much can be done when it comes to carpet burn repair. If the affected area is small, you can cut off the ends of blackened fibers using sharp scissors. If the damage is more extensive, it requires replacing the affected area with a new piece of carpet. This can be a tricky process, so it is best to call a professional to do a proper job.

Carpet Fiber Repair

There are many different types of carpet fiber damage. Carpet fuzzing, for example, is caused by loose fibers still attached at one end. The best thing to do is to clip off the fibers that are sticking out.

Shading of the carpet is caused by normal everyday traffic. The pile of the carpet will flatten causing the shaded effect. The affected area often looks like a large spot, darker then the rest. You will notice that the pile in the spot runs in different direction that the rest of the carpet. Vacuuming or brushing the pile will temporarily correct this situation and lessen the look.

Carpet shedding is a normal process that occurs when carpets are new. No need for carpet repair here. Fibers that appear are left in the carpet during manufacturing. Regular vacuuming will soon stop the shedding.

Carpet snags or split seams are tufts that have been pulled out of the carpet. Clip them off with scissors or call a professional if a long run of fiber occurs as it can be difficult to repair.

Fix Carpet Dents

Leaving heavy objects on carpet in one place for longer time periods will create dents. To combat this problem even before it occurs, you should move the furniture a few inches on a regular basis. A way to do carpet repair of the dent is by a hard bristle brush. Brush the affected area in different directions to make the fiber stand up like it was. You can also try using a steam iron a few inches from the carpet and let the steam on the dent, then brush the dented area. The third way is to get an ice cube and let it melt on it, the rub it until it dries.

Repair Carpet Color Fading

Carpet color will usually fade over the years. There are many causes for color fading, such as sunlight, ultraviolet light and heat. To prevent fading one of the ways is to block the sunlight by using shades or blinds on your windows. This way you will lose the natural light in your room. The other way is to apply window tint films which block UV rays and also reflect heat. You will lose a small part of visible light.

If the fading has already happened, you can either dye the carpet to get back the color or replace it with a new one. Dying the carpet can be tricky, so it's best to call a professional carpet dyeing service and let them do a proper job. If your carpet is not in such a good condition, your best option is to buy a new one.

Here are the most common problems and carpet repair tips. Many of these problems are not easy to fix using your own tools at home, so if you have any doubt it's best to contact the carpet store or a carpet repair service and let them fix it or maybe give you advice for the specific case.

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