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Resolve Carpet Cleaner

I keep all my carpets clean by using Resolve Carpet Cleaner. Carpet stains can come from many different sources. Pet owners know about this problem. The stains that are left on the carpet by your pet are the hardest to get rid off. And what about those of you who have little babies, toddlers, kids? Lots of spills, messy accidents, and more stains for your carpet.

Resolve Carpet cleaner is a very powerful product for removing stains, and still gentle on the fabric of your carpet. It preserves all the colors and removes the stains and odor. The safest way to make sure that it doesn't damage your carpet is to apply a bit of the product at a corner of the carpet, or some other less visible part. This way, you can check if it will truly preserve the color of the fabric. Some of the stains it can remove are pet stains, fruit juice stain, earth and soil, grease, tea, ink, even engine oil, etc.

If you want to remove just stains and spots on small areas, use Resolve Carpet Cleaner spray. Just spray a decent amount on the troubled area, let it act for a minute or two, and then use a clean wipe or a sponge to wipe the stain away. As with all stain removal products, it's best to apply it right after the stain has been made. It's much harder to remove the stain after it has dried up.

For high traffic areas and problematic walk ways that look really worn out, use the Resolve High Traffic Foam Carpet Cleaner. There are two ways to use it. First shake it well and spray on the carpet. One container of cleaner will cover about 168 square feet. Then you can either let it act for a few minutes and after it has dried, you vacuum up the dried foam and loosened dirt; or you can work the foam in by rubbing it onto the carpet with a wet towel or a damp sponge mop. The first method is good for refreshing the rug, but to give it a really fresh smell and look, you should use the second method.

Before you use any of the above products, make sure that you read the instructions carefully. All the precautions and safety measures will be clearly labeled. For best results, closely follow the given instructions. It's best not to mix carpet cleaning product with some other soap or detergent. This could cause permanent discoloration of the areas where it is applied.

A good quality carpet cleaner and stain remover can save you a lot of money in the long run. No need to call and pay for professional carpet cleaning service. My opinion is that anyone or everyone who has carpets, large or small, and/or fabric furniture needs to keep Resolve Carpet Cleaner in their cupboard. This is most highly recommended.

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